Boho Posies

Lavender sage wand


Great for gift giving, this kit has everything you need to clear the energy of your space,and bring spiritual alignment and clarity.

+ Selenite - Spiritual Aligning, Connecting to higher self. Itvcan also be used to recharge other small crystals or cleanse unwanted energies from a person or space.

Place in your home to bring light and clarity, or use in meditation on your chest or third eye to align your chakras and balance energy

+ Palo Santo - Purifying, uplifting

Hold the Palo Santo over a flame for 30 seconds before blowing it out and walking around your home to clear energy blockages and promote feelings of calm and well being.

+Lavender- healing, purification, tranquility

Crush the lavender flowers or burn as you would a smudge stick to bring a sense of calm and peace